KRF established in 2015 initially setup a dispensary in remote and poverty struck area in Faisalabad. It met tremendous success among the locals and by now more than 8000 patients have been provided free medical aid and Rs 8.9 Million has been spent on this facility. This project is operative and providing free medical facility to patient’s.

After successful operation of free dispensary in Faisalabad, a similar project was started with name of Diabetic Clinic in Lahore. In this facility diabetic patient are registered with a practitioner and then they are provided with free diabetic check machines and medicines. So far 100 such patients are registered with KRF.

Both above  projects have not been propagated for collection of donation’s at any level but only with basic aim to help the poor’s and basic health facilities to needy people funded from charity. So far all the funding has been independent from the donors and members of trust.

KRF is now expanding its manifesto on larger scale and needs Cooperation from Public to support our cause . The much needed support will be encouragement to complete Our Projects . We need support in Form of generous contribution from Donors and rest assure each Paisa donated will be used for the sacred cause.